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I agree with the critical comments about ICRE. I attended one of the free presentations by Cherif Medawar, and subsequently paid about $2250.00 to attend the 3 day seminar (by partnering up with a guy I met ICRE gave a bunch of us a discount by signing as a pair, even though we weren't related.

He is very personable and, very persuasive. In our group there were an awful lot of college educated people, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and quite a few who already owned commercial property who also signed up.

The promised website is very, very minimal. In Feb 2008 there still is not a list of 1500 national corporate tenants. There is no list of hundreds of lenders. There is no big community of ICRE grads posting opportunities. All that was a bunch of "hot air".

Quite a few of us tried to Google seach for back up info on the web about ICRE and Cherif. There is essentially no third party reporting. It's like they are invisible on the web. I imagine that ICRE has staff diligently working to keep the "news blackout" going.

By all means do not pay with a check, as you will have no leverage for a refund. Even using your VISA or MASTERCHARGE doesn't provide much assurance that you will get your money back if you think they didn't deliver the goods. We should all realize that the credit card companies earn 3% on all the sales that ICRE that is really BIG MONEY. Who is more important to the credit card companies???? ICRE with sales of $10-25 million or Jane Doe charging $3000.00 ??????

In my opinion ICRE is not worth it !

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I would like to find out if anyone who attended Cherif's commercial RE training and now making lots of money.


Cherif is brilliant real estate expert with a keen eye for market trends and the ability to quickly size up the direction of the real estate market and develop highly successful, repeatable, measurable processes to capitalize on market opportunities. What is perhaps, most impressive, is that he manages to do this by creating scenarios where all parties win -- not just himself (buyer, seller, investors, his students, real estate agents, his many strategic partners, escrow companies, etc.) Two-way wins are difficult enough to achieve but 4-way wins (and greater) are extremely rare to achieve. Cherif has the innate ability to put himself in the shoes of all constituents -- ever mindful of the "end game." He strives for fairness and endeavors to create deals that work for all concerned.

Moreover, Cherif is one of the best teachers I have personally known. He has an incredibly quick wit, is wildly entertaining, has endless energy, can break down complicated subjects in ***-sized, digestible portions, is highly animated, and is "the quickest draw" around in terms of his ability to visually illustrate concepts. He offers metaphors and other highly entertaining, yet practical examples. All of these things make him an outstanding teacher and mentor.

Cherif has been in real estate for over 30 years and has not only mastered the industry, but is incredibly giving of his time and talents. He teaches his student to become self-reliant by teaching them "how to...

As an outgrowth of this, he offered us the opportunity to follow a proven blueprint which is easy to follow, is repeatable and allows students to earn money while they are learning the ropes. He also continuously looks for (and creates) ways to allow his students to share in his success. In my view, Cherif is the epitome of "do the right thing" and embodies the traits that I seek in a mentor and leader. He builds trust through transparency. It's no coincidence that he has so many positive Youtube/com videos and other testimonials. He does right by people and has changed many lives for the better. He rightfully has earned the the trust, respect, and loyalty of the many people with whom he interacts and deserves the many successes that he has created. Cherif makes it a point to be part of the solution. As a beneficiary of his success, I for one am truly grateful to him.

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Cherif Medawar is an exceptional teacher and offers students "a way out".I purchased his Commercial Real Estate training and learned amazing key concepts for buying and selling in that market.

I also purchased Notes which have operated just exactly as he said they would providing much needed cash flow during this economic downturn.I highly recommend his training and the Notes he offers.


Thanks to Mr. Medawar we bought 5 discount mortgage Notes and are making 14% per year on our money.

The notes are in Florida and the End Buyers are happy.

What was amazing is in one day Cherif explained how it works and how you can keep growing with him.

We got the license and so far we've just assigned two notes to family and friends. Everyone is coming back to buy more.

He is an amazing teacher and his commercial real estate training is by far also the best in the country.


In response to the comment made by "funny" graduating from cherif medawar's event is an experience by itself.

It is all about the investments and the mind and power it takes to succeed.I made a lot of money because of his trainings and investment programs.

So yes you can buy re notes from him, you can assign his reos and make a ot of ninny like many people stood up in the class and explained how they made money. He is the real thing and he is even investing some students money with a filing with the sec. He is legit and has produced millions for himself and others.

Go to him before he stops teaching and sharing.He truly is the best out there simply because he is intelligent and has integrity beyond reproach.


Funny that the first response to the complaint is a poem, and the others who supportd Cherif didn't even list out any of their accomplishments or results after working with him.All they say is that Cherif is a personable and nice person...

okay, so how does that translate into workable knowledge?

seriously people, use your heads thanks.If you say Cherif is a great 'investor', sure, that's because he invests in having people come to these pricy seminars, now that's millions when there are thousands of closed-minded victims out there who sign up for this.


I think he is a genius

I have attended his 3 day seminar

and paid $ 3000 still i like him

look at what we pay to college tutuins

and loans we take to get to degree

and what kind of income we make

he gives us the tools

and one has to practise

we get distracted and side tracked

and do not focus and try to implent

stuff which we do not know and expect results

follow the system

he has patended contracts

they are acceptable by law

why is he not being sued

by govt . or some big investors

if he was not good

be patient

try to get what he has to offer

and go one step at a time

slow and steady wins the race


This nils help guy is wrong because they have a website and give more than expected

He could not have truly signed up for the commercial real estate training by this company because he would have gotten the email of the Owner who responds fast and has built relationships with his student. He has invested millions for himself and others. The complainer wanted to make money sitting on a couch at home (if he has one!)


Mr. Cherif Medawar,

I was invisted to one of your session this in New York the year. I need a commerical assignment contact to do a New York City deal and it big. Help me Please.

Emily Allen 212-721-9657


One last thing for "This guy is a fraud. He has people scouring the internet looking for critiques on himself. When he finds a negative review of himself, he floods the comments with positive remarks ridiculing the original honest poster."

I was using Google to find something about Institute of Commercial Real Estate and found this gripe page.

Guys like Cherif don't give people like you a second thought, unless you invested money and sought his help.

If you are going to complain, do it AFTER you have gone out, made offers, called for help, read the material instead of watching television five hours a night (like I used to) and make some money and realize that the clock is ticking, whether or not you EVER succeed.


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