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On the Saturday 27th of September of 2008, I purchased a training package from the institute of commercial real estate, the cancellation notice says that I can cancel within 3 days. I cancel on Monday 29th of September of 2008.

When I cancel, I was told to wait 10 days for the money to be refunded. I should of got my money on the 13th of October 2008 but I did not. I called and talk to Beatice Lebron she said she was going to look in-to it and she never did. Finally after so many attempts I asked to talk to a supervisor and they transfer me to Karen Church. She was rude, she has no intentions on refunding me my money nor helping me resolve the issue.

Karen Church is the most unethical, rude, and unprofessional supervisor I have ever dealt with. I am tired of dealing with her, and I have decided to deal with Cindy another rude representative from the company. I am so distress that this company are stealing people’s money and when customers contact them they are not willing to help them. I want my money back, I do not want a phone call saying that is on its way. It is not too hard to process a refund, but Karen and all the people working on that company are so unethical that do not care about their customers.

They should not be in business, it is not fair to be treating people like that. I cancel on-time, I requested my money back, they said that it is in the process since the 29th of October of 2008. I am tired of dealing with them and been treated like a second class citizen. Every time I contact them they say that I will get my money, they are liars, scammers and thefts.

All I want is my money back, Karen Church to be fire or the company to be shut down. I do not believe that people like them should be in business taking advantage of citizens and treating them like bad.

Monetary Loss: $2995.

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I took the training despite the few bad comments and I can vouch that it was incredibly well organized and presented by the founder himself

Excellent job and kudos to him for not wasting his time worrying about the negative people out there


The above person received his refund if full and also kept the DVds, all the material and some CDs (who is the one committing bad action here?) you be the judge.

Also this person NEVER took the training to say the company should shut down! That is very negative. this company helps many investors that are grateful such organizations exist.

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