The institute of commercial real estate are fraud

Decatur, Texas 2 comments
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On the Saturday 27th of September of 2008, I purchased a training package from the institute of commercial real estate, the cancellation notice says that I can cancel within 3 days. I cancel on Monday 29th of September of 2008.

When I cancel, I was told to wait 10 days for the money to be refunded. I should of got my money on the 13th of October 2008 but I did not. I called and talk to Beatice Lebron she said she was going to look in-to it and she never did. Finally after so many attempts I asked to talk to a supervisor and they transfer me to Karen Church. She was rude, she has no intentions on refunding me my money nor helping me resolve the issue.

Karen Church is the most unethical, rude, and unprofessional supervisor I have ever dealt with. I am tired of dealing with her, and I have decided to deal with Cindy another rude representative from the company. I am so distress that this company are stealing people’s money and when customers contact them they are not willing to help them. I want my money back, I do not want a phone call saying that is on its way. It is not too hard to process a refund, but Karen and all the people working on that company are so unethical that do not care about their customers.

They should not be in business, it is not fair to be treating people like that. I cancel on-time, I requested my money back, they said that it is in the process since the 29th of October of 2008. I am tired of dealing with them and been treated like a second class citizen. Every time I contact them they say that I will get my money, they are liars, scammers and thefts.

All I want is my money back, Karen Church to be fire or the company to be shut down. I do not believe that people like them should be in business taking advantage of citizens and treating them like bad.

Review about: Learning Program.



I took the training despite the few bad comments and I can vouch that it was incredibly well organized and presented by the founder himself

Excellent job and kudos to him for not wasting his time worrying about the negative people out there


The above person received his refund if full and also kept the DVds, all the material and some CDs (who is the one committing bad action here?) you be the judge.

Also this person NEVER took the training to say the company should shut down! That is very negative. this company helps many investors that are grateful such organizations exist.

Institute of Commercial Real Estate - This company is the best in the seminar business

Mexico, Capital District 0 comments
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I am not crazy about seminar companies but I truly learned a lot from this company. The Founder is experienced and and very motivating. He inspired my wife and I to get started in commercial real estate and it is the best thing that happened to us.

The support people are patient and their website is very well put together.

I find it unfair when people complain about them as my whole group was treated like valuable members of a first class operation.

I recommend them to any good business person who wants to focus on common sense and real practical ways to make lots of money in any market.

Review about: Support People.

Institute of Commercial Real Estate - ICRE Intro Seminar Review, July 14, 2008, Irvine, CA

Los Angeles, California 0 comments

My experience in judging the intro seminar includes brokering commercial real estate loans (only, no residential) for the past 15 years, owning part of and managing an office building for five years, and brokering commercial real estate leasing and sales transactions for 9 years prior to entering the loan business. Nearly ever business day for the past 24 years I am in many discussions with buyers, sellers, appraisers, title company reps, CPA's, attorneys, financial planners, developers, brokers and lenders about every aspect of commercial real estate. So I feel a certain amount of expertise in this subject.

My gereral conclusion about the seminar I attended is that from beginning to end it was filled with lies, misrepresentations, half truths, outright starements of situations that hid the real cost, risk and time required to transact the purchases described. Detailing the many false statements would take many pages if properly explained. Just trust me, this thing was and is a total fraud.

Anyone that attends the paid for seminars will be deeply disappointed in the real world that follows.

A real indication of the fragile nature of the claims made came in the inability to ask questions or raise issues during the presentation. Instead the instructor said he would answer questions after the presentations, at which point most educated listeners would be disgusted to the point of just wanting to leave. This is exactly what happened to me as the formal presentation was over and the audience either buying or leaving.

Review about: Commercial Real Estate Investments.

Institute of Commercial Real Estate

Chicago, Illinois 0 comments
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They talk a great game and promise a 3-day period to change your mind and give you a 100% refund if you decide not to attend their training.I cancelled on time.

I even have written confirmation that my credit card will be credited the full $2995 in 10 days.

I've called and emailed, but 38 days later they still cannot give me an answer. I've followed up with Customer Service, Accounting, and Quality Control, yet no one has accepted responsibility, nor resolved the issue. Maybe it is just a small, unintentional mistake they regret, and will eventualy correct.

Do you want to bet $2995 your experience with them will be better then mine?

Review about: Membership.

Institute of Commercial Real Estate (ICRE)

Phoenix, Arizona 7 comments
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To save future potential victims of the Institute of Commercial Real Estate (ICRE), I would like to pull back the curtain on how hucksters like the speakers of this "Institute" use subliminal pressure to get you to buy into their product or service.

I am a speaker and have taken speaker training that teaches how to sell from the stage. These skills can be used for good or evil, and tonight, I witnessed a VERY smooth operator from the ICRE (try) to snow an audience in Phoenix, AZ.

So I wanted to share the signs to look for in these free presentations to determine the validity of the speaker and product being pitched.

If the speaker uses these tactics in abundance, RUN don't walk to the exit:

1.Uses the same phrase over and over which engages subliminal programming. In tonight's case, it was two: "Enroll Tonight" and "As a member of the institute..." I counted over 80 (!!) times the speaker, Ed Lisogar, said these two exact phrases. He was basically programming the listeners to be members.

2. Hit on all potential objections before anyone asks a question, then rebuts them all in a very convincing manner.

3. Plays on two basic emotions: Fear, and Greed. He'll reference the poor economy, having to go to a real job, not having retirement income, AND hit on easy riches, giving you pretty pictures and balance sheets of deals that have made him rich.

4. He'll give too-good-to-be true testimonials. He'll show you photos of himself and pretty girl in a far-off land. Show cars, homes, property, income check, and tell you YOU too can live this life.

5. He'll ask questions throughout the presentation that only have one potential response - "Yes." He is basically training your brain to say Yes to whatever he asks, so when it comes time to ask for the sale, you are already programmed to say Yes. He'll ask things like: "Wouldn't you like to have $50,000 passive income a month?" (audience responds with Yes, unwittingly playing into his mental manipulation trap.)

6. Speaker will repeatedly TELL you to "Write this down." Another subliminal way to program you to follow his instructions. Watch how the audience all grab their pens when he says to write this down. (Think, Hitler).

7.He'll establish dominance from the get go by telling you all the reasons he's qualified to be talking ot you. It's called "Earn the Right." He'll brag about being nominated for an award (never having won it), and brag about how his system is patented. He's establishing his credibility in your eyes, and creating perceived value in the system he's selling.

8. He will start making personal connections, first with the entire audience ("because we're all neighbors in Arizona", etc.), then move onto individuals, calling them by name, shaking their hand, asking them to read things to the group, asking leading questions that he knows will be answered the way he wants it to. Beware... he's intensifying his close when he starts doing this.

9. His speech speed will increase when he's really going in for the kill. This is a method of hypnotizing the crowd.

10. He'll start offering too god to be true bonuses, slash the price of his package, use scarcity to get you to buy (only five packages available, only two seats left, etc.)

11. He will not take questions throughout his shpeel. This is his way of controling the crowd. Even when he does take questions, he is still in control by asking people not to come up to the stage for questions (his domain). He's maintaining dominance by keeping people seated while he remains standing.

If you know anything about NLP (Nuero Linguistic Programming) you'll recognize these tactics immediately. If you aren't familiar with NLP, and many people are not, you run the risk of being hypnotized into buying these guys stuff without doing your due diligence.

Would you buy a piece of real estate without getting ANY details? No. So ignore his attempts to guilt and shame you into buying right away. He will insult and deride those who do not follow his instructions, and use them as an example of a "loser" so he can get the people left in the room to believe they are NOT losers, if they only buy his stuff.

Think about it... if he is making $100,000 a month passive income from his real estate and other holdings, why on earth would he be up there selling a 3-day event for $3k? I'll tell you a secret... he's getting a commission which is normally 50%. But that's not all... at that three day I'm going to guess they will be "back-ending" you (that's insider term for selling you a higher-priced package). I'm guessing the price point for whatever coaching or software they will pitch you at the 3-day event will cost between $8k-$20k. And guess who gets a commission on that for putting you in the room? Yup, the guy giving you the free presentation.

So let's do the math: He does 8 presentations in his city, putting perhaps 400 people in the room total. A typical "Closing ratio" is 12%, so that's 48x$3,000=$144k. Then let's say10 of those folk go on to purchase the upsell offered at the event at $12k. That's another $120k. Add those two up and that's $264,000. He earns 50%, so that's $132,000 in the speaker's pocket, all for 4 days of work. Not bad, eh? So he has expenses... 2 staff, hotel room costs, advertising (which may be covered by the conference producer), so let's say he pockets $110k. In 4 days work. No WONDER he's not sticking to doing real estate deals, which actually require work.

And I'll bet the attendees who did NOT purchase get a followup phone call trying to close them on the 3-day event by offering them an additional discount.

There is ALWAYS another day, another package, another training course, another opportunity. Don't let these snake-oil salesmen goad you into making a financial decision. Go Google this guy, the so-called founder, Cherif Metowar, and the organization ICRF.

If you REALLY have to have their training manual and DVDs, check eBay for a copy of it from an ex-student.

And do you due diligence before forking over your education funds.

Caviat Emptor.

Review about: Financial Power Summit.



ICRE is now BANKRUPT as of Nov 2009. I lost $10,000 of a mentoring program that I never used.


I attended an ICRE presentation by Cherif Medawar and took his training.then was offered an additional training for two days completely free.

The complainers in this website sound frustrated just by the presenter. They have not even taken the training but act like they are on to the game being plaued. give me a brake.

Go to any university of city college and see if you get anything for your money.I found that medawar is the only Guru that actually not only teaches and invests but also has opportunities for his students to invest with him, which is what i have done for the past three months and have been extermely satisfied.


I attended a seminar and felt it was to good to be true.But, job loss, etc.

sparked my interest to at least research it more, to discover consumer complaints. The speaker also lost all credibility when whe claimed to legitimately deduct living expenses, etc.

through a Nevada Corporation.(Sounds more like tax fraud).


The guy is an liar!He profiles a building that houses my broker's office an tells the story of how an old couple buys this space for no money down to the tune of $90k profit a year from the NNN lease.

Only thing is the entire stroy was BS as the building is owned by one person / builder who has not and will not sell any units.What a croc.


I agree with "Peter". I was at the same presentation. I saw what the $#@hole did.

To add to what Peter said... He slipped up and said that "the network is going to be unparalleled once we get members from all over Canada". Doh...he doesn't have anyone here yet to help us Canadians on their invaluable network.

Also...when he was talking about "Triple-Net Leases" he gave the indication that if you bought a building in another city or country that you would never be responsible for any repairs what so ever, and that in fact you would never even have to go look at your building because the tenant would be responsible for everything.

how easy can it get! Because of course businesses never fail, they always always always pay rent with no issues at all, fact you will never have any problems because all business tenants are perfect!!

what a crock of #$%@!!!


I just attended an identical hypnotic huckster pitch in Edmonton Alberta.People arrived with an advert from the Financial News (a fake newspaper?) and a hand written sticky note all made to look personalized...too bad everyones was the same.

Another odd thing was tat a couple of people went running to the back of the room to make the purchase even before the price was announced. After the sales pitch I went to the front and picked up the course binder to see what $3000 would buy me. Ed Lisogar came running over and told me to put the binder down and told me that I would have plenty of time at the 3 day workshop to review the course.

I told him that I don't have much time, and he told me that I should leave.The people that witnessed his behavior thought he was a real *** and would not buy anything from these guys.

Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russian Federation #16645

As predicted, I did indeed get not one, but TWO phone calls from this organization 48 hours after the event.

I hit zero on their voice system and got a mailbox for a company called "Dynatech" likely the marketing company they are in partnership with the hawk their wares. i guarantee you, they get a piece of whatever money they bring in on these calls.

A quick google search confirms this.

The saleman's name who called was "Bruno" at 888-294-8276.

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Institute of Commercial Real Estate - complaint

Pacifica, California 29 comments
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I agree with the critical comments about ICRE. I attended one of the free presentations by Cherif Medawar, and subsequently paid about $2250.00 to attend the 3 day seminar (by partnering up with a guy I met ICRE gave a bunch of us a discount by signing as a pair, even though we weren't related.

He is very personable and, very persuasive. In our group there were an awful lot of college educated people, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and quite a few who already owned commercial property who also signed up.

The promised website is very, very minimal. In Feb 2008 there still is not a list of 1500 national corporate tenants. There is no list of hundreds of lenders. There is no big community of ICRE grads posting opportunities. All that was a bunch of "hot air".

Quite a few of us tried to Google seach for back up info on the web about ICRE and Cherif. There is essentially no third party reporting. It's like they are invisible on the web. I imagine that ICRE has staff diligently working to keep the "news blackout" going.

By all means do not pay with a check, as you will have no leverage for a refund. Even using your VISA or MASTERCHARGE doesn't provide much assurance that you will get your money back if you think they didn't deliver the goods. We should all realize that the credit card companies earn 3% on all the sales that ICRE that is really BIG MONEY. Who is more important to the credit card companies???? ICRE with sales of $10-25 million or Jane Doe charging $3000.00 ??????

In my opinion ICRE is not worth it !

Review about: Free Presentations.



I would like to find out if anyone who attended Cherif's commercial RE training and now making lots of money.


Cherif is brilliant real estate expert with a keen eye for market trends and the ability to quickly size up the direction of the real estate market and develop highly successful, repeatable, measurable processes to capitalize on market opportunities. What is perhaps, most impressive, is that he manages to do this by creating scenarios where all parties win -- not just himself (buyer, seller, investors, his students, real estate agents, his many strategic partners, escrow companies, etc.) Two-way wins are difficult enough to achieve but 4-way wins (and greater) are extremely rare to achieve. Cherif has the innate ability to put himself in the shoes of all constituents -- ever mindful of the "end game." He strives for fairness and endeavors to create deals that work for all concerned.

Moreover, Cherif is one of the best teachers I have personally known. He has an incredibly quick wit, is wildly entertaining, has endless energy, can break down complicated subjects in ***-sized, digestible portions, is highly animated, and is "the quickest draw" around in terms of his ability to visually illustrate concepts. He offers metaphors and other highly entertaining, yet practical examples. All of these things make him an outstanding teacher and mentor.

Cherif has been in real estate for over 30 years and has not only mastered the industry, but is incredibly giving of his time and talents. He teaches his student to become self-reliant by teaching them "how to fish." Unlike many real estate gurus, he does not want students to be perpetual students. He recently provided extra training to a group of frustrated or "stuck" students (myself among them) who were having difficulty crystallizing what they had learned so that they could leverage these learnings and start earning money. He did this without requiring anything in return.

As an outgrowth of this, he offered us the opportunity to follow a proven blueprint which is easy to follow, is repeatable and allows students to earn money while they are learning the ropes. He also continuously looks for (and creates) ways to allow his students to share in his success. In my view, Cherif is the epitome of "do the right thing" and embodies the traits that I seek in a mentor and leader. He builds trust through transparency. It's no coincidence that he has so many positive Youtube/com videos and other testimonials. He does right by people and has changed many lives for the better. He rightfully has earned the the trust, respect, and loyalty of the many people with whom he interacts and deserves the many successes that he has created. Cherif makes it a point to be part of the solution. As a beneficiary of his success, I for one am truly grateful to him.


Cherif Medawar is an exceptional teacher and offers students "a way out".I purchased his Commercial Real Estate training and learned amazing key concepts for buying and selling in that market.

I also purchased Notes which have operated just exactly as he said they would providing much needed cash flow during this economic downturn.I highly recommend his training and the Notes he offers.


Thanks to Mr. Medawar we bought 5 discount mortgage Notes and are making 14% per year on our money.

The notes are in Florida and the End Buyers are happy.

What was amazing is in one day Cherif explained how it works and how you can keep growing with him.

We got the license and so far we've just assigned two notes to family and friends. Everyone is coming back to buy more.

He is an amazing teacher and his commercial real estate training is by far also the best in the country.


In response to the comment made by "funny" graduating from cherif medawar's event is an experience by itself.

It is all about the investments and the mind and power it takes to succeed.I made a lot of money because of his trainings and investment programs.

So yes you can buy re notes from him, you can assign his reos and make a ot of ninny like many people stood up in the class and explained how they made money. He is the real thing and he is even investing some students money with a filing with the sec. He is legit and has produced millions for himself and others.

Go to him before he stops teaching and sharing.He truly is the best out there simply because he is intelligent and has integrity beyond reproach.


Funny that the first response to the complaint is a poem, and the others who supportd Cherif didn't even list out any of their accomplishments or results after working with him.All they say is that Cherif is a personable and nice person...

okay, so how does that translate into workable knowledge?

seriously people, use your heads thanks.If you say Cherif is a great 'investor', sure, that's because he invests in having people come to these pricy seminars, now that's millions when there are thousands of closed-minded victims out there who sign up for this.


I think he is a genius

I have attended his 3 day seminar

and paid $ 3000 still i like him

look at what we pay to college tutuins

and loans we take to get to degree

and what kind of income we make

he gives us the tools

and one has to practise

we get distracted and side tracked

and do not focus and try to implent

stuff which we do not know and expect results

follow the system

he has patended contracts

they are acceptable by law

why is he not being sued

by govt . or some big investors

if he was not good

be patient

try to get what he has to offer

and go one step at a time

slow and steady wins the race


This nils help guy is wrong because they have a website and give more than expected

He could not have truly signed up for the commercial real estate training by this company because he would have gotten the email of the Owner who responds fast and has built relationships with his student. He has invested millions for himself and others. The complainer wanted to make money sitting on a couch at home (if he has one!)


Mr. Cherif Medawar,

I was invisted to one of your session this in New York the year. I need a commerical assignment contact to do a New York City deal and it big. Help me Please.

Emily Allen 212-721-9657


One last thing for "This guy is a fraud. He has people scouring the internet looking for critiques on himself. When he finds a negative review of himself, he floods the comments with positive remarks ridiculing the original honest poster."

I was using Google to find something about Institute of Commercial Real Estate and found this gripe page.

Guys like Cherif don't give people like you a second thought, unless you invested money and sought his help.

If you are going to complain, do it AFTER you have gone out, made offers, called for help, read the material instead of watching television five hours a night (like I used to) and make some money and realize that the clock is ticking, whether or not you EVER succeed.



Just thought I'd ask a few questions:

Despite their shortcomings:

1. How many offers did YOU make on commercial real estate after you attended the workshop?

2. How many questions were you writing down each day and then calling to get help with them with their support staff?

3. How many other classmates did YOU get the business cards of and offer to be a bird dog for them when you met them at the workshop?

4. If you had properties to post, did you post them on the website?

A lot of people get "pissed" when they don't get results. But, if you don't do the pushups YOURSELF, YOU won't get any stronger.


I invested with Cherif Medawar and it has been the best thing I have done for the last 18 months i have made money when everyone around me has been losing.

i read a complaint about the website does not have 1500 Tenants; how come I see 4500 tenants?maybe it is Cherif's competition trying to beat him down with BS complaints.

I say if you want to know the man listen to his tyrainings, watch his investmenst and you will know.i think he is the only true investor in the seminar business and his results speak for themselves


Leave my crooked uncle alone.I am the Mighty Tikiri Mayu Bogollagama, disgraced conman from Washington DC, Georgetown, and Mclean, Virginia.

I have cheated dozens of people out of their life savings through Ponzi schemes taught to me by my uncle Medawar and lived a lavish, wasteful life with their money. Now I am living at my parents home, in the basement of my father who was disbarred from the Virginia Bar Assoication.

I need new victims so I wrote a *** love poem book, paid for it to be published and claim that I am sending proceeds to Princess Diana.None of it is true, I will only use it to pay for drinks and male prostitutes.


I met Cherif Medawar in one of the free events when he presented his ICRE compnay.

I am a very reserved man with an engineering back ground. I do not like BS or wasting my time or money.

I wanted to enroll after 30 minutes when he explaniedn in numbers (not stories) how his members can make millions safely and methodically.

I took the live training and have used their website and 800# support.

Frankly, I am amazed at how they put all this together. It is a great way to invest in income producing properties. Not buying low and selling whenever like the residential programs teach. This is the best I've seen and probably they will have no competition for years.

So what can they improve? In my opinion, their support line gets inundated with calls at times because twice I had to leave a message and wait for them to call me back. I hate that because it slows my momentum. According to the customer service lady they are adding more support people but they are extremely selective who they chose. If they improve this part I will be 100% a happy investor.


Great training from ICRE. The Founder and his team are doing a great job at expanding the network of investors. They shoiuld just raise money from all the memebrs and do large commercial deals as groups lead by Cherif Medawar.

Berkley, Colorado, United States #19705

Some say something and some say some other thing.No matter who say what thing, I just signed up the Live Training, let's see how it works.

I will keep posting you all about my experience with ICRE.So, far I am looking forward to GO>>

Gurabo, Gurabo, Puerto Rico #17805

This guy is a fraud.He has people scouring the internet looking for critiques on himself.

When he finds a negative review of himself, he floods the comments with positive remarks ridiculing the original honest poster.

THIS GUY IS A SHARK!! I attended one of his seminar's and paid the $3,000 for his class. The next day I found out that I couldn't attend the class for personal reasons and asked for a refund within the 3 day immediate refund period.

After 4 weeks of calling each and every day for the money back, I'm still being pushed around and getting Bull *** answers.Trust me guys, he's a fake.

Gurabo, Gurabo, Puerto Rico #17804

This guy is a fraud.He has people scouring the internet looking for critiques on himself.

When he finds a negative review of himself, he floods the comments with positive remarks ridiculing the original honest poster.

THIS GUY IS A SHARK!! I attended one of his seminar's and paid the $3,000 for his class. The next day I found out that I couldn't attend the class for personal reasons and asked for a refund within the 3 day immediate refund period.

After 4 weeks of calling each and every day for the money back, I'm still being pushed around and getting Bull *** answers.Trust me guys, he's a fake.

Leola, Pennsylvania, United States #16502

I have a funny story about Cherif Medawar.I was flying home from the San Francisco in coach and was reading a real estate book.

The man in the passenger seat across the aisle asked to see my book. We introduced each other and I found out I was sitting next to Cherif, himself. We exchanged business cards. The back of his business card said "Business cards are free at VistaPrint" so I just thought he was a frugal rich guy.

But when we landed, he asked to use my cell phone to call his wife since his was "low on battery". Okay, I'll even give him that one, also. But later on, I was doing a background check on the Internet on him and he was strongly endorsing a lead-finding subscription service as a supposed third-party, objective user of this service. But when I checked out this lead-finding service, I found out that Cherif is the registered agent for the service's website.

I'd say Cherif is a bit shady and am glad I turned down his solicitation for me to join his online commercial property group for "only" $3000.If anyone has questions, feel free to e-mail me at

Arpajon, Ile-De-France, France #15222

I forgot, I said I have property in escrow after joining ICRE. No money, I heloc'd the property I purchased using Robert Allen technique so I could put it down on the apartment unit I am purchasing.

Follow the techniques, it will work.

Arpajon, Ile-De-France, France #15221

I wrote a long comment which disappeared. I can only say it works. This is from someone with no money, no credit, bankcruptcy. Followd what I was taught. Worked, worked and worked.

ICRE - you have a coach to help you all the way. Utilize them. Joined Cherif's group, December 2007. Have property in escrow that would more than quadruple what I have invested for ICRE.

For Robert Allen, from November 2006 to January 2007, I have net equity on properties of 300K.

Surround yourself with people who think like you. You want to make money, be around people that have the same goals. Stay away from people who will drag you down.

Quit complaining, start working.

Marion, Arkansas, United States #14200

I knew Cherif Medawar when he used to work for Robert Allen.He gave demo presentation and that's how i got started.

I gotta say when i signed up to do residential properties in southern california it was tough but i always emailed Cherif about the deals i was getting invlove in and he responded fairly quickly. This business requires knowlege and hardwork and you never give up.

I'm sick of people complaing about refunds, rip-offs and scams.If you asked those people how many deals have they analyed, home owners the contacted they would always answer none.

Lake Mills, Wisconsin, United States #11658

I have heard this same complaint before about Robert Allen and their supposedly awesome national network of lenders, HML, and buyers. In the end it turned out to be like the yellow pages.

The fact is that they gloss over the most important aspects of investing - having the right contacts! They suggest they will be there for you but between their hotel tours to sell their packages and maintaining their own properties, they cannot deliver. The support you get is from an inexperienced script reader.

The best thing any new investor can do is get some real education and connect with like minded investors in local real estate investor clubs and build long term relationships. Know that it may take dozens of attempts before you close a deal. Personally, I can vouch for Nouveau Riche and Carl Moose's CRE Tutor. Other than that, I hear that Dave Lindahl has a good multi family program.

Good luck and STAY persistent!

Jose B

Newberry, South Carolina, United States #8729

I would like to get comments on ICRE. I

just signed up on 04/12/2008 and was very impressed with the founder. I am looking for a very rewarding experience.

Beverly in MD

Xenia, Ohio, United States #7462

I Loved the training of ICRE but mainly because the Instructors seem to truly not only believe in Cherif Medawar's system but they are actually investors.

My friend who attended with me the free preview paid for the training also and then paid extra for a one on one training ($15,000) and got a deal signed up during the coaching days. Instant equity over $300,000.

I thought he was crazy to pay an additional $15,000 but he kept telling me that starting a business would cost more, a afranchise would cost a ton of on going fees and he said other compnaies do on on one for residential at $25,000.

I just called Cherif Medawar's office to get the one on one training and was expecting them to play games and tell me the price went up etc. instead they were not only upfront about keeping the price of the one on one at $15,000 but gave me a 100% guaranteed refund if I don't double my money.

I am impressed with the way they do business. Let's see if I will be able to get a deal done soon with their one on one training like my friend did and if not (I will get my full refund).

I will keep everyone posted.

Newton Falls, Ohio, United States #7193

i was very impressed when i went to the seminar that was held here in carlsbad, california.unfortunitly i wasn't able to pay the $3,000 but i can sure tell you that it would have been worth my wild to join his institution.

I am a young real estate agent and investor and my purpose is to create wealth A.S.A.P and i always knew commercial real estate was the spot to do it. its the NFL of real estate i mean come on people like bill gates, robert allen or better yet donald trump play in this league. the thing that imprest me the most the love he has for his children cherif does this for his family and that is exactly why i see his instutition valuable because we are no different we both wan't to be financially free for ourselves and our familia.

I know the institute of commercial real estate is the stepping stone and an important plot of my career to create a strong foundation.i encourage every one to attend his seminar it's a mind blowing experience

Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, United States #6558

Just yesterday I attended his demo workshop and I was quite impressed. Cherif was a very good salesmand. Now I won't judge a man by how shiney his suit may have looked but I did ask him one defining question. Before I signed up for his $3000 seminar I sat him down and asked him directly: "what is your biggest asset?" I expected to get an answer like "the 8 million $ ranch home in northern california" or "my shopping mall in New York." He surpirsed me with the correct answer when he said without hesitation: "My Kids...". I told him "Thank you", he gave me his personal email address and I then proceeded to purchase him siminar.

I will post again, after I attend.


Elizabeth City, North Carolina, United States #5961

I am surprised at some of the comments about Cherif Medawar or the ICRE. I found their live training and follow up support to be not just helpful but one of a kind. Who else offers commercial training of that caliber.

Those that signed up with me received a set of 15 hours of DVDs from the Founder Cherif Medawar and I can tell you did not watch these DVDs. They are alone worth more than the $3000 I paid.

Someone said their websiote is not too much value, well, they have over 400 aggressive commercial lenders and all the contracts I can dream of and that's just some of what they've got.

I am glad there are people that complain out there so I can have less competition

Belmont, North Carolina, United States #5863

What is Medawar's background? How many properties does he own - what car does he drive - where does he live? Simple questions but you know if a person knows how to invest (and who in fact teaches investing) he should have the luxuries coming from his ideas!

I met some ICRE instructors in California seminar; oh dear - they come from Ohio. I don't know where they get information that they teach to those who pay big bucks. One of them said get rich quickly - but he himself wore a very cheap suit!!!

Read the signs before you pay!

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Institute of Commercial Real Estate

Los Angeles, California 7 comments
Not resolved

I have had the privilige to attend of of the best lecture presentations on real estate ever. I enrolled in a memebrship with the ICRE organization and received a three days intense live training.

That company is grwoing fast and is adding to their network of investors weekly.

I was skeptical at first whether I will be getting the right live support that they kept referring to but so far they've been very helpful.

I wish I had attended a training like that many years ago instead of investing so much of my time and effort into residential real estate.

My wife has also attended the training and we have just completed a purchase of two small but profitable office spaces with nice positive cash flow.

The only negative comment I have about the ICRE organization is I wish they had a special training for RV homes because we think it is a very luctrative type of investing and they told us that this training will not be available till next year.

Well if it will be as good as what we have already received on retail and other types of commercial we are willing to wait for it.

We hope this feedback can help other hopeful individuals like it helped us.

Review about: Icre.



Whine Central!These instructors have a proven track record.

They offer money back and rely on persons like us who take the course to actually go out and succeed by "taking action" on what we were taught "by sticking to what was taught". 95% or more never did it - rather have lost the money than deal with actually winning. This was the biggest failure of Telligenix Corp and no wonder they hit Chapter 11 - it's our failure, not theirs. Theirs was to rely on us to take something and succeed?

That's betting the odds against human nature and not properly worked out. It's up to me if it's to be. How do you expect to take a course and let the knowledge automatically work for you and make you rich just because you now know? Wow!

Then I should be a fitness guru and fly to the moon the next day based on all I've read. It's for us to take the knowledge and "work" it to make it work. I'm here looking for results - nothing so far has demonstrated that they failed in the info. If you sat in the course for 3 days, you had "nothing" to say then?

If you failed, look at your own efforts in the grand scheme. How much more can a course give you? This is why there are mentors who can break us through our laziness and fear-driven ways. All the best - you now have the knowledge and still can't prove it wrong.

Networking is upto you.Join any club, be it BNI or real estate investment club - the reality is waiting to welcome anyone willing to deal with it.


I attended there free 2 hour seminar and 3 day $3000 training plus there 3 day syndication training for free.Plus bought there software for $2000 which now is offered for free with cheaper monthly hosting.

ICRE contacted me to be a partner and to wire money for residential investments in California which I declined as I just recently found out that in October 2009 ICRE filed chapter 11 to restructure there debt.

Need I say more!!!I'm no better off then before ICRE but definately worse off, I'm out $5000, could of been a great family trip to Disney World!


IMHO, these people are very slick and great liars.Before I signed up, I looked Mediwar in the eyes and asked him if this 3 day seminar was just a big promotion foe his very expensive coaching and seminar.

He swore it wasnt and they even offer you a refund after the first day. Naturally on the first day, it was all real estate training. The last two days, when you could no longer get your money back, it was little more than a squeeze job sell you the expensive seminar. I gotta admit, these filth are some of the best slicksters I've come across.

Since very few signed up for the next level, the instructors, IMO, got desperate and intimated you had little, if any,chance of being successful if you didnt shell out the additional $9K or so.I consider them lower on the food chain than molesters.


They trainging course is just nothing but a joke!


Not sure what these complainers are whining about.They give a real training in three ways, live by experienced investors/instructors.

On DVD by the Founder Cherif Medawar who is extremely smart and creative and on line on their website with audio interviews and videos. It is a real and frankly I don't know of any other company anywhere doing what they do.

Someone is complaining he did not get his refund. What kind of BS is this?

I am certain if you complied with the refund rules which you signed off on when you enrolled with them you would've gotten the refund, you have a whole year and the law is on your side.Maybe you just like to ***!


I just attended one of the free 2 hour sessions where they want you to sign up for the three day session for a few grand.Anyone have any positive or negative feedback on this program.

Is the support they promise really there? Are they now teaching this because most of the highly lucrative deals have dried up along with the rest of the real estate market? I don't want to spend money if this doesn't work.

I have spent a few thousand dollars on other training seminars from real estate to foreclosures to telecom services to online businesses to mlms and they were all bunk.I honesty though, this one did seem more promising, but want to know others' thoughts and opinions

Gurabo, Gurabo, Puerto Rico #17809

Don't trust this place. It is a scam. Think about this: If this system is so successful that it can make you millions, why would they teach you? If it did work they'd hire people to work it for them and keep the profits.


Trust me, I've been swindled by these exact people. It turns out that all the resources they offer are fakes. They say they give you a great network of investors, those networks are all empty forums. I asked for a refund and after FOUR MONTHS I still haven't gotten my money back and I'm still under their "guarantee" which is a load of bull.

Just know that you are warned.

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Do Not Fall for Institute of Commercial Real Estate (ICRE)

Banks, Oregon 13 comments
Not resolved

I attended the ICRE sales presentation in Portland, Oregon in October with about 30 other people some of whom paid $2,995.00 at the introductory presentation in order to attend the ICRE 3 day seminar shortly thereafter. Founder Sherif Medawar leads to believe that by signing on you will receive valuable real estate analysis software, access to a private, members only ICRE website which has valuable contact names and numbers for national corporate tenants looking for new locations ( Starbucks, Burger King, Subway and 1500 more), names and contact info for institutional and private mortgage lenders specializing in funding commercial real estate, personal coaching staff, and finally, a website area devoted to networking amongst seminar graduates for the purpose of working on joint ventures in commercial real estate projects. The initial presentation that I attended took place at a hotel in Portland. The ICRE organization had placed a full page advertisement in the Oregonian newspaper with quite a lot of hype. At the two hour presentation Cherif Medawar told us that ICRE was his own creation. He said that we could learn the ways to earn big money in commercial real estate by using his patented “FACTS” system, the company’s website, personal coaching, and special software.

However, on day two of the seminar, after the “get out at the end of the first day and get your tuition back” guarantee has elapsed the ICRE “teachers” tell the victims that the RE analysis software costs from $5000.00 to $17,000.00 depending on the level.

As of today

1.The analysis software is an extra cost of $4995. They didn’t mention this until day two of the seminar. We were lead to believe it was included in the original price.

2.The website doesn’t provide a list of 1500 national corporate tenants looking for new locations. In fact there is no such list available on the site. Recently some other victims of this fraud who are asking for refunds were emailed a non-functional Excel spreadsheet purporting to contain this info.

3.The “Members Community” part of the website doesn’t have hundreds, as promised, of private money lenders.

4.The “Members Community” part of the website doesn’t have hundreds, as promised, of individual listings of commercial property buyers, sellers, traders.

5.The “Members Community” part of the website doesn’t have hundreds, as promised, of individuals networking on setting up deals.

6.Other victims have been told by ICRE tech support that the promised website information is still months away.

Review about: Institute Membership.



Frankly cherif has been awesome and his investment programs have produced higher cash flow than he said.

I bought some discounted mortgage notes from his company after the 4 day training and I am getting 14% per year in interest.

I do not have to flip anything although I can flip the notes anytime and the more I hold them the more seasoned they get and become valuable. I do not have to personally repair homes etc.

He has investment programs for everyone. Including a private fund approved by the SEC here in NY. I am a very picky person and usually do not like seminars but when my CPA told me I should attend he truly changed my life. The only thing they can improve is they should come more often to NY. CMREI likes the California students more than others. That is my opinion anyway.


I attended and learned so much more than you can imagine! I purchased the software and it helps me analyze deals like the pro's. If you wanted to be a doctor you would go to school and pay for training, well if you want to have an edge in CRE you have to be trained or you will lose all you're hard earned investment dollars.


thanks so much for saving me the money and time!!!! :grin


Thanks, you just save me and a friend a trip to Vancouver.This is simply an area I would like to invest.

I don't need a software to do it. *** (Napolean Dynamite style) don't know how I almost went.

Thank you again!!

Oh, and I love the post that tries to take the lie to another "software" level.Take this *** home, your giving us a bad name.


ICRE offer a triple money back guaranteed . any one get money back ?


I attended this seminar tonight at the Jersey Hyatt - it made a lot of sense, however, as I have learned in sales, why would you give away anything if it is worth the price that they say it is - at the end of the seminar, Ed, the speaker, showed on the screen how a almost $15K investment could be had for a little under $3K, BUT only if you sign up tonight - $3K is a lot of money right now - I am not sure if the system works or does not work - because only success stories was shared by the speaker and NOT other stories I also noticed that continue on with this business, you would be required to pay the additional dollars for some of the services that adds up over time especially if you do not close a deal within a year's time - It made to sound easy, but it seems to easy to be true.


My husband and I attended the ICRE SCAM presentation.It was not hard to type IRCE into google to realize what a rip off that organization is.

Please no one fall for this!Screw off ***.


Hey Michael, *** off. Your an ***.


Watch out, as of August 2008, they are using more tactics to get you to attend their "hotel" presentation, this time at the Jersey City Hyatt.

They want you to believe anyone can do this with little money of their own. Seriously, I invest in commercial property, this is not true - neither are the lending institutions falling over themselves to offer loans in this economic climate.

Don't give them your money, it's empty promises.

The small print on their invitation says:

Institute of Commercial Real Estateâ„¢ ("ICRE") and Business Skills' Commercial Real Estateâ„¢ ("BSCRE") are trademarks of Business Skills Corporation ("BSC"), a subsidiary of Telligenix Corporation ("TC"). ICRE and BSCRE are training institutes, and individual performance depends upon the individual skills, time availability, and dedication of each student in the training program


First of all, stop crying.I know life sucks when you are poor, but you have no one to blame but yourselves.

As far as Michaels is concerned, it is quite possible that he is a foreigner. There are many foreigners who are students of ICRE. I went to the seminars. I learned a ton.

I have access to the tenant lists. Yes there are two versions of the analysis software, one comes with your original purchase and a more advanced one comes with the upgrade. I still have not closed on my first deal, but I have a 6.5 million dollar project that I am putting together no money down. I can't stand all you people that criticize the rich, criticize these seminars, and criticize all those who work hard to make it.

Give it up.Go out and create some value in the world instead of tearing down the value that others work hard to create.

Jenison, Michigan, United States #6257

Thanks, Donna and Naishche for your helpful review.Saved me a wasted trip to the free seminar.

Definitely sounds like a scam. Also, Michaels' sounds suspiciously like a foreigner of the same ethnicity as those that put on this seminar. Probably personnel, as you deduced.

I've been investing in commercial real estate a long time, and there is no easy wealth here.There is, however, easy wealth in putting on these seminars.

Belmont, North Carolina, United States #5860

Re Michaels' comment - what has worked for you? What kind of deals have you done? What have you learned from ICRE?

I feel you're another ICRE personnel - lots of wrong spelling in your email!

Give me a deal 'with no money down' in commercial real estate as ICRE advertises anywhere in US, then I will believe you!!!

Stop collecting money if you do not deserve it, ICRE!

Wabasso, Minnesota, United States #4021

The above complaint does mnot make any sense.I have access to the website and I attended the training.

There is over 300 various aggressive and felxible lenders. The training was top notch and their support has been very helpful. If this person truly has a complainty and is not just a competition trying to put this training organization down why doesn;'t he or she communicat eithe them directly? because he/she is having unfounded complaints.

They even offer a triple money guaranteed if you do not make it and so far it has worked great for me.Whinners and losers need no apply!

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